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Browser Tabs are not Bookmarks or Todos

21 Mar 2021

I understand the title of this post as a concept but in reality I abuse browser tabs for both bookmarks and todos on a daily basis. Indeed, it is typically the case that I have around 50 tabs open in each browser on each computer I use. The tabs I have open on my work laptop are almost all directly for work and I do it so can always quickly access whatever resource it is that I need. For example, I have probably 5 Jira tabs, multiple AWS tabs, tabs for GoCD and RunDeck, tabs for all of the Salesforce sandboxes I need to access and a bunch of tabs for things I have looked up, whether they were recent or not. On my Mac for my personal use it is the same, just the tab content is different. Right now I have no less than 7 tabs open to YouTube videos which I have either already watched or want to remember. It works, but there must be a better way.

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Learning LISP

17 Mar 2021

I've decided to learn Lisp and I guess I could end this post here but wanted to document how I came to decide to do this and the personal history involved. I was first exposed to Lisp in college in either 1990 or 1991 by my favorite professor. Unfortunately, at the time I wasn't very interested in what seemed to be an odd language that was nothing like our teaching language Pascal. (I would of course learn upon graduating that there wasn't really any demand for Pascal, but that is a story for a different post.) So my first experience with Lisp came and went without me learning the language.

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Agreeing on a Common Language

13 Mar 2021

One of the first things that should happen when undertaking any new software project is defining and agreeing on a common language to be used when speaking and writing about that project. Even if the people involved in the project all speak the same language you should assume there will be differences in interpretation.

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first post

11 Mar 2021

Here is some content

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