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Browser Tabs are not Bookmarks or Todos

21 Mar 2021

I understand the title of this post as a concept but in reality I abuse browser tabs for both bookmarks and todos on a daily basis. Indeed, it is typically the case that I have around 50 tabs open in each browser on each computer I use. The tabs I have open on my work laptop are almost all directly for work and I do it so can always quickly access whatever resource it is that I need. For example, I have probably 5 Jira tabs, multiple AWS tabs, tabs for GoCD and RunDeck, tabs for all of the Salesforce sandboxes I need to access and a bunch of tabs for things I have looked up, whether they were recent or not. On my Mac for my personal use it is the same, just the tab content is different. Right now I have no less than 7 tabs open to YouTube videos which I have either already watched or want to remember. It works, but there must be a better way.

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first post

11 Mar 2021

Here is some content

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